My Changing Outlook on Online Gaming

I must admit, I am rather torn. I have a lot of time and energy invested in EVE Online, but it just doesn’t draw me in as it used to do. There is plenty to do if I do decide to log in, but I just don’t find any real desire to log in. The end result is that I haven’t been online much at all lately, often simply logging on to change skill training. I don’t really want to abandon the game, not after having invested so much in it, but I can’t see playing something that isn’t fun any longer.

So I have been pondering this for a few weeks now. Not really feeling like logging on to play EVE, but wanting to play something fun. Then along comes Drew, asking me if I want to join him in playing Lord of the Rings Online. Initially I told him that I was committed to EVE, but the more I thought about it the more interesting it became. I have always enjoyed fantasy roleplaying, but I had written off LOTRO as just another LOTR license, and presumed that it would not be all that good. But after Drew’s offer I started looking into the game, and before I knew it I had decided to give it a shot.

I installed the game and began playing it on Monday, and I find that the old desire to log in and play as soon as I get home from work is back. Maybe it is just that this is a new game, but I am enjoying myself with this game. Once I finish up with the rookie area quests I fully intend to look up Drew so that we can game together.

Who knows, maybe we will actually get to know each other after all these years of barely knowing each other. I can think of worse ways to get to know somebody, and it would certainly be nice to see if a friendship could develop. After all, shouldn’t your family also be your friend? 🙂


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