Updates on the Pregnancy

Yesterday we met with the midwives at Andaluz for our regular pre-natal appointment. This time things were different. This time we knew we had twins, and we had a lot of questions. Uppermost on our minds was whether we would be able to go forward with our plans for a water birth. They were quick to allay our fears. We could still do the water birth, though due to a strange twist of state laws we are not allowed to use their facility for the birth. So, rather than using the controlled environment of Andaluz we will be setting up a birthing room in our apartment. Making a birthing room in our crowded apartment? Well, it is possible, but it is going to take some work over the next few months. We had already been discussing the idea of moving the computer and media equipment out of the second bedroom, and putting it out in the living and dining room. Now we have even more reason to move forward with that idea. So over the next few weeks my primary task is going to be clearing out space in the dining nook to set that up for use as an office space. I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to do with the bookcases that currently make that space their home, but given time I am sure I will come up with something. Enough talk about the apartment, it is time to get back to the babies. They are currently situated in a head down position. This isn’t a big thing now, and there is no guarantee that they will remain in this position, but in the coming months we are really going to want them in this position. We also learned that Sarah’s condition is more than optimal. The midwives were extremely pleased with the results from the ultrasound, not just the pictures of the babies, but also some of the other scans that the technicians did to assess Sarah’s condition as the bearer of these two little one.

Right now things are definitely going good with the pregnancy. Sarah’s health is good, the health of the babies is good, and we can go forward with our birth plan. This all contributes to a happy Sarah, and a happy Sarah is a good thing in my book. J



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2 responses to “Updates on the Pregnancy

  1. Sounds like it’s time to get that apartment with the jacuzzi tub.

  2. Geoffrie

    Now wouldn’t that be nice? We are going to look into possible moving to a ground floor unit, but I don’t think that any of the units have a tub quite so nice.

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