Baby Pictures!

The pictures have arrived!


We were able to get the hospital to send us a disk with all of the images captured during the ultrasound exam, and the disk showed up in the mail today. Tiernan, the boy, cooperated quite nicely in letting us take his picture. Unfortunately Caulla Anora, the girl, was not so helpful. So, we have a couple of pictures of Tiernan, but nothing all that clear of Caulla Anora. I will have Sarah go through the images later to see if she can pick out ones that I may have missed. If so I will upload them at that time.

As always, is where I store my pictures, so if you click on the thumbnail of Tiernan you will be taken over to the gallery on my Smugmug site.



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4 responses to “Baby Pictures!

  1. Are you naming your kids after D&D characters?

  2. Geoffrie

    Nope. Sarah selected these names years ago. When she told me what she liked I didn’t have an argument. I like the way the names sound, and I like their meanings, so there was no need to file a dispute. That does give me an idea though. I think that I will pull together some information regarding the meanings of the names, maybe some online information as well, and put up a post about it.

  3. Dang. I was hoping to have something to give you a hard time about.

  4. Geoffrie

    No such luck! 🙂

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