Fatherhood Reading

The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion

The other day Sarah and I wandered up to the bookstore to find some books on childbirth and twins. While we were scouring the shelves for books on that subject I found a book on fatherhood, or rather expectant fatherhood. Now I have a few of these already, but they are all rather dry reading, and I have yet to actually finish one of them. This one (The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion) actually seems different. I haven’t finished the book yet, but what I have read has been quite good. The book keeps me engaged, and while the material is serious it is presented in a fashion that makes it easy to comprehend. I have yet to find myself wanting to set aside this book, and that is a big plus. Factor in the fun little side notes, the recipes, and the fun illustrations and you have a book that is guaranteed to keep most men interested long enough to learn something.



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5 responses to “Fatherhood Reading

  1. NW Drew

    Why are you wasting time reading when you could be sleeping? Your having twins!


  2. Geoffrie

    Well…you have to have something to read in the “private reading room”

  3. NW Drew

    You are absolutely right. Good answer.


  4. Hi all!

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  5. Now that the twins have shown up I have been thinking about this book again, wishing that the authors had written one for what follows… So today I stopped wishing and checked Amazon.com…and I found that the follow-up book is now available for pre-order. Yes, a pre-order was placed immediately upon receiving approval from the Chief Financial Officer!

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