Life’s Little Shockers

Yesterday we went in for a routine ultrasound. Ok, maybe not quite so routine since they were doing a high detail exam of the fetus to see if the fetus was developing the same heart defect that I had. Still, the worst that we were expecting was that there might be something wrong with the baby, and since everything seemed to be going well we really weren’t that worried.

So here we were, watching the rapidly changing images on the monitor as the technician began the process. Then she seemed to get nervous, and she asked us if we had had an ultrasound before. We advised her that we had one early on to confirm the status of the pregnancy, but all that had been done was a measurement of the fetus and a confirmation of the heartbeat.

At that point the technician got a bit…cautious. She asked us if we wanted to see the baby. Duh! Of course we wanted to see the baby! So she ran the scanner over Sarah’s lower abdomen until she was able to find the head of the baby. She said something to the effect of “here is the head” before she moved the scan head further up on Sarah’s abdomen. At this point I was thinking that she was trying to get a different angle. Boy was I in for a surprise when she said “and here is the other head.”

 Yes, two heads. We are having twins! A boy and a girl. As far as they can tell the babies look healthy, and Sarah hasn’t encountered any complications more severe than ongoing morning sickness, so the prognosis looks good at this point.

 Twins…the one thing that we never even considered. The shock of the discovery was…stunning. Even now, a couple of days later I can hardly believe it. Co-workers say that I have more color in my face today, and I don’t feel like a piece of dandelion fluff anymore, so I suppose that is a good thing. Even so I can hardly get my mind to accept that we have twins on the way.

 So there you go. Just a tiny bit of news. 🙂


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One response to “Life’s Little Shockers

  1. Very cool!
    With my 3 kids I was always a little bit anxious until that first ultra-sound when we found out for sure how many, boy/girl, etc.
    Of course this is only the first surprise but, I don’t want to overwhelm you yet.
    Perry should have some interesting posts for you in the near future since, he should be a new father any day now.

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